NASA’s Messenger gives us the first ever image from orbit above Mercury

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NASA’s Messenger (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging) spacecraft is already sending us amazing imagery of the surface of Mercury as it orbits the planet on a mission to obtain information about Mercury and what it’s made of. This image, released by NASA yesterday, is the first image of Mercury taken from orbit: Messenger […]

Old poll, new poll: March 2011

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Back in January we asked the question “Which Esri Tech Certification are you thinking about?” and we received 88 responses which broke down to: ArcGIS Desktop Associate/Professional – 39% Web Application Developer Associate – 8% Enterprise Geodatabase Management Associate – 1% Enterprise Administration Associate – 1% More than one – 14% Not interested – 37% […]

More on Earth Observation

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This week’s main topic on the podcast focused on the role of Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. It seems to have been an unintentionally timely topic as the International Astronautical Conference is going on this week (Sept 27-Oct 1). News/press has already come out of the conference about some future satellites that will be up […]

ERDAS releases Apollo on the Cloud

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ERDAS has entered the cloud service race with the announcement of Apollo on the Cloud. It is a hosted solution that provides access to Apollo Professional on SkyGone’s servers. We have talked to Mladen Stojic about Apollo on the podcast in the past which is one of ERDAS’s newer products that provides that layer of […]