CloudSat and Calipso satellites successfully launched

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I didn’t get a chance to blog this earlier because of our slow internet connection in San Juan, but NASA’s 2 new cloud monitoring satellites, CloudSat and Calipso, were successfully launched Friday morning after some difficulties they delayed their originial launch date. What’s cool about these satellites is that they are carrying instruments that can […]

See a total solar eclipse “live” on your computer

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Tomorrow (Wednesday) there will be a total or near-total solar eclipse that will be visible in parts of Europe, Africa, and South America (see this guide from MSNBC). For the rest of us, however, NASA and the Exploratorium will be offering a live satellite broadcast of the eclipse from Side, Turkey, starting at 5am Eastern […]

Identifying Ancient Maya sites with Remote Sensing

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Researchers at the University of New Hampshire, in conjunction with scientists at NASA, have been using remote sensing techniques to identify prehistoric Maya sites in Central America. The dense tropical rain forests in the region make the identification of sites from the air or on the ground very difficult. By analyzing high-resolution imagery and NASA’s […]