Geotag Flickr

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Spatial multimedia (pictures, video, audio, etc linked to a specific location) has been a goal for many researchers over the last decade in order to link qualitative information to the more quantitative GIS information. Now with the explosion of web-based mapping it has become a simple task to create hyperlink this media to specific locations. […]

ArcReader example

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I have the quick ArcReader example ready that I mentioned earlier this week on the podcast. You can download the file at To vew the file you will need to download ArcReader 9.1 from here. This is only meant to give you a quick example. To see a great 3D mapping application check out […]

SIMILE | Piggy Bank

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There has been quite a bit of research into semantic interoperability in web mapping. This extension takes this idea one step further and ties the semantics of the web to the map itself giving the user the ability to aggregate web information then viewing the information via Google Maps. I will try to do a […]