online restaurant services

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This is a service that uses the Google Map API (as usual) that allows you to look for restaurants by zip code. Once you are zoomed into your chosen zip code restaraunts are grouped by street so that if you zoom in again you will see the location of the restaraunts themselves. Now if they […]

How to make Google Mapsâ„¢

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From Digg, this is a video and code sample to show how to add Google Maps to your own website. I haven’t actually watched the video, but sounds useful. How to make Google Mapsâ„¢ using ASP Classic when you don’t have the longitude or Latitude

GeoMedia 6 is probably shipping

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Intergraph’s GeoMedia 6 is the next in their line of products. In my opinion GeoMedia is probably the sad victim of ESRIs dominance. They had the better web mapping product for the longest time and they have had an interoperable system that doesn’t require an extension for years. If our updates are still coming then […]