– share your map

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Schmap continues to do things right. I have been interested in their Guides and excited about the iPhone implementation of the Guides (still love the rotate to map UI). Their latest open beta,, flips their regular model of helping you find places to bringing a way to help others find you, or at least […]

How walkable is your neighborhood?

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Our reader Ed always sends me links to cool sites, and walkscore is no exception. It’s a Google Maps mashup site that calculates the walkability (using a 0-100 scoring system) of a neighborhood, based on how many services are available within a walkable distance. Walkscore does not factor in the aesthetic appeal of a neighborhood, […]

Mobile location apps are poised

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Information has begun to roll out about the companies that have received support from the iPhone venture capital funding announced back in January…all two of them so far. Whrrl, a project from Pelago, is one of the first funded via the iPhone VC and is a location based social mapping site that focuses on rating […]