What Are You Doing for EarthDay? Google Wants to Know!

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Google has put up an interactive Google Map where you can share Earth events and ideas with people around the world. It’s a fairly basic site, but there are some neat stuff people are planning to do. For instance in Very Spatial’s own home turf, people are planning on doing more composting. What’s going on […]

The Atlas of Early Printing

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I am feverishly working to get my dissertation proposal finished, and while reading Hamlet on the Holodeck (a great book, by the way), I jumped online to look a couple of things up and stumbled across the Atlas of Early Printing. It’s project done by the University of Iowa’s Libraries, and offers a nice Flash-based […]

Simply brilliant

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Ever wondered what would happen if Google Streetview was taken to the next level. But what is it? Is it Immersive Technologies…or ‘the Google.’ Fingers crossed for a sequel. Cheers to Sue for the great find and for being too slow to post it herself 🙂