Chinese Compass

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Engadget points to an article on the elusive topic of the Chinese GPS-like system, which has been referred to as Compass. I haven’t heard much about Compass so this article (linked below) provided some interesting information. Defense Tech: Compass – Chinese SatNav or Galileo Bluff?

CyberTracker, animal tracking for everyone

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Listener Jody pointed out a great project that was highlighted on last weeks Living on Earth. CyberTracker allows anyone to capture information, including location, about animal movements. The software uses an interface that can be used by anyone from non-literate bushman to wildlife agents on a simple mobile hardware platform. The software is freely downloadable […]

Henry Rollins on GPS and tech

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I am a huge admirer of Henry Rollins, from Black Flag to Rollins Band, from spoken word to his show on IFC, he has simply gotten better with time. This past weekends episode of the Henry Rollins Show kicked off with a section on the impact of technology on our lives including an unbridled monologue […]

Where’s Tim?

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Tim lives in Lawerence, Kansas. He likes to travel. For instance, last tuesday, Tim traveled 103.25 miles to Prairie Village Kansas. How do I know this? Because Tim uploads his GPS location every 15 minutes and posts it on his Google Map! You can download the data into Google Earth and watch where Tim goes […]

GPS Visualizer

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Here’s a pretty cool free application for anyone heavily into using your GPS unit. You can upload your GPS data to via typing in coordinates, street addresses, or uploading a file, and this tool will output a map showing your route. The really cool thing is that you can output to a pretty decent set […]