Pharos GPS Phone 600

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The folks over at Pharos are showing the GPS Phone 600 which looks nice, but there wasn’t too many details on the CrunchGear post, and I haven’t had time to search out the PR. The photos showed a nice large screen and Windows Mobile, so in theory you should be able to run VE Mobile, […]

David Pogue on phone GPS tracking

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David Pogue, NY Times tech funny man, talks about location based tracking of kids using cellphones. He talks about the phones, the pricing and the mapping backends that are used by the different services. Head over to Mr Pogue’s site to watch the video. David Pogue, New York Times technology columnist, CBS news correspondent

Navigation news for the travel season

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Yeah, I am taking advantage of being out of Morgantown, and my Dad’s cable modem, to catch up with everything (uploading VSTV05 and AVSP75, reading RSS feeds). First, Samsung has announced their SPH-B5800 model that will include TPEG support for phone based traffic information, and everything you would expect from a phone, including a built […]