Will TomTom’s Map Share herald the end of professional mapping?

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In an article yesterday, PC Pro’s (a UK-based tech news site) Darien Graham-Smith comments on the upcoming release of TomTom’s “MapShare” technology (here’s my previous post), and predicts that its impact will be much more far-reaching than the fairly quiet launch announcement. He argues that this will break consumer SatNav systems’ reliance on commercial map […]

Video of TeleAtlas ride-along

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Episode 16 of InDigital includes a ride along and discussion with TeleAtlas (at 6:48). It goes for about 3 minutes and the little discussion among the hosts afterward is a great example of non-geospatial professional perspectives of data collection and use. I would definitely recommend that everyone take a look. Oh, and apparently TeleAtlas is […]


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The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and the Danish Polar Centre are heading to sea to tag 10 walruses with GPS-based report systems. I am pretty sure this will not result in the popularizing of walruses as similar efforts were for penguins down south. Still a great project that could yield a wide variety of […]