Monday CES Round-up

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A few more goodies were highlighted today. GPS Mio to be folded into Navman branding Mio has a “dual-front” GPS phone prototype Magellan shows off eight new devices More info on Garmin’s new toys Asus 3D GPS and PMP Monitors Alienware shows off curved monitor – we have talked a bit about our experiences with […]

Black Friday GPS

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If you took a look at the sales flyers in the newspapers for the Black Friday sales you have seen that this is apparently the year of in-car navigation devices. Every sales flyer from Best Buy to Walgreens had at least one device on sale with many of the stores offering multiple devices at great […]

Location-based Live Search

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For the first time Frank’s choice of Sprint may actually be a good thing. The mobile phone provider is rolling out Live Search for their phones which is now location-based. Apparently this isn’t an exclusive deal with Sprint and Microsoft, but Sprint is the first to implement the technology which isn’t GPS-based so it should […]