Field Assets for the iPhone

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With the large number of location apps on the iPhone and other mobile devices out there, it surprises me that there are so few (handful by my account) professional quality apps. Tonight’s round of press release emails included an intriguing mobile solution. The iPhone/iPod Touch application is called Field Assets and was developed by LBS […]

Cops Can’t Track Car with GPS Without Warrent

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation had an interesting piece about two weeks ago that I just ran across.  The Supreme Court of Massachusetts recently ruled that it is against their state constitution for the police to track a vehicle using GPS without court approval.  The interesting thing here is that the crux of their rationale is that the […]

EGNOS Goes Active

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The precursor to the EU’s Galileo satellite positioning, EGNOS is now live for 27 EU states!  The basic idea behind the system is to take the US’s GPS system and make it more accurate – from 60 feet to 6 feet.  This will be a big boon to navigation system in the EU since they’re […]

Turn-by-turn on your (i)Phone

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Electronista posted suggesting that TomTom might be hiring an iPhone dev to create a turn-by-turn app for the upcoming iPhone 3.0 OS/firmware/whatever. While I am pretty sure that if TomTom was building an iPhone app (and they probably are) they wouldn’t need to hire outside devs, the real issue is whether or not turn-by-turn on […]