Where It’s At Episode 4

The newest episode of Where It’s At includes some ideas we could have included in our AAG panel. It is a live presentation they made in February where they discuss the importance of communication in the geospatial community where they address Wikipedia, some of the general podcast bits and a new term ‘whereability’.

Geografia Para Llevar – un podcast extraordinario

Es verdad…this week we saw the introduction of ANOTHER geography podcast. I am very excited about this one since, as far as I know, it is the first non-english Geography podcast. I am also excited since it will give me a reason to listen to Spanish and hopefully remember some of what I have forgotten in the last 10 years (not that I knew much 🙂 ). Check out Geografia Para Llevar for their first episode and also look at iTunes if you would like to subscribe.

Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast

Corbley Communications, Inc., a public relations and marketing for the geospatial industry, has released its first Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast. According to their press release, the podcast is an interview with Dr. Shawana Johnson, President of Global Marketing Insights, Inc. The main topic is the results of the 2005 NOAA International Remote Sensing Survey. They are planning to release other interview podcasts periodically. The Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast is only available for download from the Corbley Communications, Inc. or Global Insights, Inc. websites.

Via GISuser

GIS for Archaeology and CRM

AVSP listener and fellow GIS in archaeology enthusiast, Matt, started a blog last week.  The aptly named GIS for Archaeology and CRM will be a great place to find information on the use of geospatial technologies for Cultural Resource Management from someone who is still in the field.  For those of you not familiar with the CRM it is the industry that has grown, in the US, out of various pieces of legislation that are intended to protect significant cultural resources (archaeological, historical, architectural, etc).  The National Historic Preservation Act and the National Environemental Policy Act are the two primary pieces of legislation in the US.  CRM is driven by similar legislation and ideas in other countries.

Where Its At Episode 3

One of the folks who took the listener survey said their least favorite thing about AVSP is that it is the only GIS podcast, they clearly haven’t visited our links page to find Where It’s At.  This great Aussie oriented podcast by a couple of geospatial industry professionals has just released their 3rd episode so head over and check it out.

They also have an interesting post on their blog where they are letting folks document the misconceptions the media are propogating about the geospatial industry.

The Travel Show podcast

Alan Lew over at the Geography for Travelers podcast recently pointed to the new Travel Show podcast.  This 5 episode old podcast “takes you on a virtual tour of the world, exposing you to places you’ve never been and taking you back to the places you remember fondly.”   As always I am curious to see how this podcast grows.

GEOCAST: taking podcasts and vidcasts into the classroom

I noticed a new Geography feed on iTunes called Higher Geography the other day, but I couldn’t get it to download so I forgot about.  Today, the files I tried to connect to earlier were available and I have to say I am impressed.  The content does not rival Terra which I posted about last week, but it is just ramping and has some solid geography information.  They seem to have 3 levels planned, the Higher Geography, that is partially available now, and the standard and intermediate levels, that currently have holding pages in place.  Within the Higher Geography section they have three sections that are tied primarily to physical geography and the environment.

GEOCAST uses both audio and video to deliver their short topical presentations.  Great to see another Geography podcast out there!