ASPRS extends Certification

The ASPRS has announced officially something we heard about when we talked to them at the ESRI UC. They have added a ‘provisional’ status to their certification programs primarily to allow students to begin the certification process by taking the exam before they have the required professional experience. This is a great opportunity for students as the geospatial job market becomes ever more competitive for those good jobs.

Find out more about the ASPRS’s certification program at the ASPRS website and listen to a short description of the program from our ESRU UC professional organizations episode.

Provisional Certification Program Announced by ASPRS


As I am sure many of you have read Google dropped 1.6 BILLION dollars for YouTube. We at the VerySpatial “office” are of different minds on the acquisition, but that isn’t really important to the geospatial world other than the question…what will GISNation do now that Google owns the two systems they have used for the first two episodes 😉

EarthSim for the classroom

For those educators out there in the audience, you might be interested in VirtualGlobes promotional give-away of a one-year subscription to EarthSim. I wasn’t aware that EarthSim existed until yesterday, so I can’t offer a review of it just yet, so head over to the site to find out more about the give-away and EarthSim.

AVSP Forum going away – links to other great forums

Those of you who have accounts on our forums probably received a notice of a private message on Thursday. Since the spam has spread beyond the forums themselves and since we haven’t had a lot of traffice since the first week, we are making them go away.

We still think that forums are a great way to communicate and we recommend you check out some of the forums that are out there including:

CartoTalk – A pulic forum for Cartography and Design
GIS Forums – Forum covering GIS and geospatial technologies
Delphi GIS Forums – Another forum covering GIS and geospatial technologies
GeoCommunity – GIS Discussions
MapForums – Forum based around MapPoint – Open forum on Participatory GIS and technologies Geography Forums – covers a wide range of Geography topics – Geography forum for primarily for UK teachers
Talk Geography – General discussion about geography
GISUser – active forums on geospatial technologies

Farallon Podcast talks mashups

Apparently the guys over at Farallon had the same thought that we did for their last podcast as they speak on Mashups the same week we revisit the Webmap APIs. Once you finish listening to our Episode 59 make sure to go over to the to get a business perspective on the topic.

Also be sure to check out a couple of our overseas friends, Geografia Para Llevar and Where It’s At podcasts, who also released new episodes recently.

Air Pollution Monitoring Via….Pigeons

Who knew avians could be so high tech? A new study of real-time air pollution is being undertaken using, of all things, pigeons. Little monitors are strapped to the backs of the pigeons and data is beamed back to Earth and published on the web in real time. Apparently the data will be available in blog format for anyone to see/use.

I’m pretty proud of the work we do here at Very Spatial, but I’m not sure we can compete with a Pigeon Blog. That’s just too cool.

Farallon Geographics podcast

We missed one of the recent additions to the GIS podcast community. Farallon Geographics has released 2 podcasts (one in early Feb, the other in late March) under the title ‘GIS and Location Technology’. I will come back and write more as soon as I get a chance to listen to an episode, until then check it out yourself at Farallon Geographics News & Press or through iTunes and I am sure other fine podcast directories.

Update: The first episode is great. Folks sitting around a table talking about technology. Definitely give this one a try.