Wow…645 posts behind

So I just spent the last hour or so flying through the 645 posts from the geoblogs that I haven’t had a chance to read over the last month (being tech support’s assitant in a brand new building eats up your time). When you read blogs regularly it seems like things are kind of shuffling along, but when you look at what we all talk about in a single month, it is pretty darn impressive.

Vector1 Media: Sustainability and geospatial

As those of you who have listened to AVSP Episode 112 have already heard, Matt Ball and Jeff Thurston have started Vector1 Media a new magazine that will look at the confluence of Sustainable Development and spatial technologies. I am sure you recognize the names as long time geospatial media creators online and editors of various industry magazines. Their combination of online magazine, newsletter and blogs that make up Vector1 Media will:

“explore the issues of infrastructure planners, land use managers, government decision makers, visualization specialists, spatial analysis professionals, design engineers, GIS analysts, surveyors and others who struggle to make sustainable plans for infrastructure development”

Jeff has been teasing us over the summer about what was coming, but I am really excited to see what they have planned. It is great to see a publication that will focus on a specific area, but at the same time it is such a broad, and important area, that I sure it will have a broad appeal. Hopefully we will see more content producers move in this direction to find a niche that needs a voice whether it is a magazine, blog, or podcast.

Good luck to Jeff and Matt in their new venture.

New Geoblog….. from the Future!

Wired magazine is hosting a new geoblog from Bruce Sterling. However, there is a twist in that this is the blog of a fictional character named Harvey Feldspar and it takes place in the year 2017. For those unware of Sterling’s work, he’s a fairly prolific science fiction writer (particularly of short stories). A lot of his stuff deals with near-future events to try to imagine what direction society is taking in the near future. The blog, as one would imagine, has a heavy geography focus to it, featuring lines like:

The SeeMonster is fully integrated with a state-of-the-art seamless Geobrowser. With SeeMonster, you can juggle the entire planet with your bare fingertips, including spatially related photo images collated from all over the Web — yes, data from the entire collective social memory of Planet Earth! — and it’s all cross-modally spackled and pixelated into an immense, searchable, navigable, linked, tagged, emergent, hybrid-satellite-streetmap virtual Earthwork! The fantastic richness of the imagery… the semantic interconnection… it’s the techno-magic of the World Wide Web layered like a tasty olive-oil emulsion right over the Whole Real Wide World (c) (R) (TM)!

It’s definitely worth reading. You can definitely see some of these things coming at least partially true in the not too distant future.

ESRI Pre-Dev Summit Podcasts

ESRI has made a few preconference interviews available on the website for those who can’t make it to the Dev Summit and to help those attending decide what to check out at the conference (great airplane fodder for those of flying to Palm Springs). Next week we will have a few podcasts with presenters and attendees including one with Elvin from the ArcPad team that we have been playing interview tag with for about 8 months 🙂

Interviews with Tech Sessions Presenters — ESRI Developer Summit

Geoblogger meet-up at AAG

We have a possible time for a geoblogger meet-up (and possibly showoff) at the AAG in San Francisco on Wednesday evening. There is going to be Spatial Technology Gallery (a la Where Fair) and Alan suggested that this might be a good time to meet-up. I like this idea since it would give us a chance to not only talk to each other, but we might be able to do a little New Media evangelizing while we are at it. The only down side is that there are a number of specialty group meetings at the same time (7:00 PM). Any nay (or yay) votes can email me or comment to this message. I will post an update in the near future.

World’s Coolest Screen Saver

twinglyThe folks over at Twingly (non-English site) have created what may be the world’s coolest screen saver. It basically reports blog activity around the world in real or near real time. Here’s the YouTube clip of the application working. I haven’t downloaded it (mostly because I can’t read what I believe to be Swedish), but it is a very interesting idea.

WARNING! The application links to a LOT of blogs, some of which contain very adult material (although not all by any means). Please be careful when clicking on any of the links to make sure you’re not opening anything you might find inappropriate.

Update (from Jesse): I downloaded it and it is, in fact, really cool (though unfortunately it is Windows only). The actual download page is in English. I even added the RPC connection to the VerySpatial blog so our posts will be showing up in the Twingly list too.

New GeoBlog – Free Geographic Information Tools

Leszek Pawlowicz emailed to let us know that he has started a new blog this week, called Free Geographic Information Tools, where he will be talking about, of course, free and inexpensive tools for GIS and geospatial applications. As he puts it in his first post on Wednesday: “I’ve decided to start regurgitating some of what I’ve picked up over the years, and start posting reviews, information and how-tos on this blog about where to get these tools, what they can do, and (sometimes) specific examples of how to use them.”

There are already a couple of posts up about GPS tools for Google Earth. We are adding the blog to our list, so check it out when you get a minute.