Project Bird Feeder Watch

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It’s that time of year again in North America, Project Bird Feeder Watch for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada.  It is a great opportunity for an easy to do citizen science activity.  Citizen scientists count the count the birds they see at their bird feeders. The data is used to map bird migration and bird populations.  […]

US World Regional Geography class gets a chance to Skype with Burmese activist Suu Kyi

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Professor John Boyer’s World Regions class at Virginia Tech got an amazing opportunity yesterday evening to interview Nobel laureate Aung Sang Suu Kyi, who is known the world over for her efforts as a pro-democracy activist in Myanmar (Burma). After Boyer and his class recorded a video interview request and posted it to YouTube, Suu […]

GAW2011 is here

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Ladies and gents, we are firmly into Geography Awareness Week 2011 (#gaw2011) and events they are a-happenin’ from your local classrooms to the social media circuses. If you haven’t checked out the usual suspects you should head over (in no particular order) to: GeographyAwarenessWeek On Facebook Mission:Explore MyWonderfulWorld Blog to name just a few […]

Zebra Stripe App

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A  short article in this month’s National Geographic magazine gives me a chance to tell a funny kid’s joke about zebras.  “There were two chickens standing at crosswalk. One says to the other: Should we cross the road?  The other one says: No Way! Look what happened to the zebra!”  According to the National Geographic article,”Scanning […]

Less than a week to GIS Day

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GIS Day is next Wednesday, November 16. If you are not hosting an event, that doesn’t mean that you can’t help spread the word. Oh contrare, you can use your freelance status on GIS Day to get the word out. Whether you are sharing your interest via your favorite social media, telling your neighbor about […]