UK Intellectual Property Philosophy Should Change, Report Says

Although this isn’t strictly geo based, I think the topic is important enough to anyone with information (A.K.A Data) to mention. The folks over at ars technica have an interesting discussion about a new report released by the Institute for Public Policy Research on Intellectual Property Law. I can’t find a link directly to the report itself, but their summary of what it says is pretty interesting in and of itself. Basically the report says that IP needs to move to a new model that includes consumers in the policy process. Knowledge is both a public good and a private commodity and perhaps we need to be thinking that knowledge is foremost the former rather than foremost the latter. The report was funded by some big IP players in the UK (BBC and the like), which isn’t a huge surprise that they would be interested. What I wonder given our recent talk with Ed over at the Ordinance Survey is how this might impact spatial data in the UK if their suggested model takes hold. Will that data become more of a “public good” as the report suggests?

As dorky as it sounds, this is a really neat time to be both in the political science and geospatial realms. It’s really fascinating to watch these debates play out in the private, public, and governmental arenas.

Acoustic Space podcast

geoteddyThere is another podcast in the classroom space, and it is pretty interesting. Marion Mustoe of Eastern Oregon U worked with his class last spring to create audio responses to an assignment, which he then narrated and produced. His approach is a great way to show how different students will take different ideas away from the same assignment and still all be correct. If you get a chance head over and learn about the podcast (only 1 so far) and the mysterious bear on the dashboard (I guess PETA doesn’t get involved if they are of the teddy species [Ursus teddius])

Acoustic Space Eastern Oregon University

ACSM Colorado looking for board members

The following text was a recent post to the forums, but I thought it was a topic that was worth a few more eyes.

I’m currently looking for GIS professionals for the Colorado chapter located in the denver metro area
We need people to fill our board postions and sit on the GIS in the Rockies planning committee

If we aren’t able to find interested individuals we will have to dissolve the colorado section which would be too bad, because we have a lot of money to give away in scholarships to students as well as being strategically poised to bridge the gaps between geospatial fields being that we are made up of 4 different societies 2 are surveying and 2 are GIS there is a lot of opportunity to have your voice heard here, and actually do something important for the geospatial professions.

We need enthusiatic people

We would like to do some workshops and other activities and need help with that too. If you are in the denver area and are interested please contact kgrimes at flatsurv dot com

MobuzzTV Vlog: Maps in action

Now that my laptop has returned from its journey to KY, I am catching up on most everything including podcasts. One of my standard suspects in MobuzzTV which is a dailiyish tech video podcast. On the Sept 14 they did an episode about mapping and mapping sites that was pretty fun to watch and even included mentions of the MapRoom and Google Maps Mania…woohoo. Check it out if you get a chance.

MobuzzTV Vlog: Google (and other) Maps Revisited!

Australia on the Map audio series

One of our listeners, Elaine, let us know about a radio series called Australia On The Map. The first program in this series, The Siren South, looks at early Dutch exploration and mapping of the Australian coastline. Since I am interested in historical geography, I am going to check it out as soon as I get a chance.

You can listen to or download the program from Australia’s ABC Radio National website

Have a podcast…send us your promo

We haven’t done a promo swap since the very beginning, but I want to do more. If you are one of the growing number of folks who are starting to podcast about geography, or if you have been doing it for a while now, send us a 30-60 second promo of your show in mp3 format and we will play it in our web corner. Even if you do a show that isn’t geography send it in and we will play it somewhere in the show. Head over to the contact page for the podcast email address.

Conservation data and maps

One of the cool sites mentioned when we interviewed folks from the SCGIS was the Conservation GeoPortal. The Conservation GeoPortal allows you to search metadata from other conservation researchers for data and information that is of interest. In addition to a metadata search there is also a map browser to look for data by location. Be sure to check out the portal.