Associations/Groups – Association for Downloadable Media

This is mostly for the geobloggers out there. There is a group of well known podcasters/bloggers who are looking at the need for an association of New Media publishers. They have just posted a survey to try to get initial thoughts and determine the need for an association. While most of us do this for fun and only get a little ad revenue (ie none of us have quit our day jobs), I still see a need for an organization that can support education, research, and outreach about the various New Media. As those of you who have joined us at the sessions we have organized at the AAG and ESRI UC know, there is interest, but not always understanding about what we do…this is where I feel that an association of New Media publishers could really make a difference.

If you are interested you can find there survey at

Discovery Channel will buy for $10 million

In advance of the launch of their Planet Green cable network (set to debut in 2008), Discovery Communications has agreed to pay $10 million US for, probably the leading online site for news, blogging, forums, and other resources related to green initiatives. Treehugger started off in 2004, and has seen amazing growth, with news reports for the acquisition putting the site’s monthly visits at about 1.4 million unique monthly visitors. I have been reading Treehugger for awhile, and I think it’s really cool that another New Media/Web 2.0 resource will be partnering with mainstream media.

From the press release: “The deal brings’s rich mix of news, blogs and advice to Planet Green and furthers Discovery’s previously announced goal of developing original programming related to the environment, sustainable development, conservation and organic living. In acquiring, Discovery is pursuing its multiplatform strategy of being the leading content provider across nonfiction genres around the world.” (Here is a link to the full press release at Discovery Communications)

Via NYPost and Treehugger announcement

Associations/Groups – National Council for Geographic Education

It has been over a year since I added to our posts about professional organizations for Geographers and geospatial professionals, so I wanted to start up again with an organization that helps to support the educational efforts that will yield the next generation of Geographers…the National Council for Geographic Education. The NCGE seeks “to enhance the status and quality of geography teaching and learning.” They do this by supporting educators, facilitating communication and offering educational materials on the website. With its annual conference coming up in October to be held in Oklahoma City, the NCGE is continuing their efforts from a new office in Washington, DC (housed with the AAG offices) with a new executive director, Kimberly A. Crews. The council publishes the Journal of Geography and the Perspectives newsletter. For membership information, and to learn more about the NCGE, be sure to visit their website.

Planet Action – geospatial engagement

This is a great example of what ISDE5 is all about. SPOT Image in conjunction with partners ESRI, Infoterra, and Unesco is presenting Planet Action which is a participatory/educational site that:

aims to support projects all around the world whether from scientific or civil origins, bringing these communities as well as various industries together in an effort to foster awareness and coping strategies

and will focus on an array of earth observation ideas. It has a great subtitle of “Spot the impacts, engage in action.” We missed the unveiling on Monday, but there is a press event of Thursday so we will try to get an interview then. Head over to the Planet Action site to find out more on your own.

Spatial learning at Apple’s iTunes U

Just in time for the summer conference season and long flights, the iTunes 7.2 update has opened iTunes U, their educational portal for audio and video lectures, to the world at large. This portal includes quite a few topics that I think would be of interest to our listeners and readers including:

  • Geography of World Cultures from Stanford (currently #2 in the downloads right behind “What is Existentialism”)
  • Introduction to Computers from UC Berkeley, which includes programming concepts
  • Coffee Hour to Go from PSU’s Geography Dept the one I will probably be listening to the most on my upcoming flights
  • …to name just a few. If you have a long commute or are just up for a little continuing education, check it out. Please keep in mind that while you need iTunes to search and download, most of the audio and video are in standard formats so you can play them using most any media player (I’m still a fan of San Disk’s Sansa series of players). Also, if you aren’t up for iTunes U you can find most of these materials on their institutions websites, but I like me a good portal 🙂

    Summer School: Apple’s iTunes U Means You Can Ditch Class and Still Learn – Gizmodo

    Ben’s Place of the Week – from the OUP blog

    First of all, yes, Oxford University Press does, in fact have a blog, and it’s pretty good. One of the features is Ben’s Place of the Week, where Ben Keene, the editor of the Oxford Atlas of the World, highlights a different place around the world with interesting little facts and a link for more information about each place. For example, this week’s place, Tsukiji, Japan, is home to the Tsukiji Market, a giant wholesale fish market where they sell over 400 types of fresh fish to feed the hungry masses of Tokyo.

    If you have a spare minute, check out some of the places that Ben has featured.

    Geospatial Web book coming May 18

    geowebGlenn and TheMap Room are pimping the upcoming book The Geospatial Web: How Geobrowsers, Social Software and the Web 2.0 are Shaping the Network Society where Sue and I have a chapter (14). We had a chance to read a few of the other chapters in the editing process and there were some good reads. Chapter 1 is available as a sample chapter on the books website at If we get more than 1 copy we will give one away on the podcast.

    AnyGeo – Anything Geospatial: new book on geospatial Web technology and web 2.0

    AAG up for an award

    The AAG is being recognized for its strength in wrangle a bunch of Geographers into a fairly cohesive unit.

    The Center for Nonprofit Advancement is pleased to announce the five finalists for The Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management. … The award winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 following a best-practices workshop featuring participants from all five organizations.

    It is great to see the AAG be noticed for its efforts. Congrats!

    Center for Nonprofit Advancement