Can US Senators Draw Their Own State?

National Geographic has a really cool geography awareness week challenge for US Senators – can you draw your home state and give three points of interest within it?  Thus far, only a few Senators have replied with their drawings.  It should be no surprise that Al Franken is one of them, since he can draw all 50 states pretty dang well.  The other Senators’ drawings are at the link.  If you click on the highlighted states on the map, you’ll see the submissions by each participant.  To me, the most interesting pieces are the “points of personal interest”.  Everyone seems to go for “I live here”.  Personally, I want to know what’s taking the other Wyoming Senator so long.  Senator Enzi seemed to have no trouble with the boundary at all! 🙂

Ice Age Took 6 Months to Form?

Who would have thought a Dennis Quaid movie could be right? (well, except for Enemy Mine, which I maintain is simply to awesome to not come true some day)  Geology researchers are now saying that the last ice age could have happened in an extremely short period of time, not the previously thought decade or so.  This is based upon some research done in Ireland on lake bed.  I’m not going to pretend I know the first thing about this stuff, but it is interesting to think that our climate is much more fragile than we thought.  Plus, anything that allows me to reference Enemy Mine I’m gonna post toot-sweet.

GAW Contest Day 2

Day two of Geography Awareness Week has arrived with another chance to win a copy of Field Assets for iPhone or a piece of VerySpatial SWAG from our shelf. Please keep in mind that you must have access to the US iTunes store to redeem the codes for Field Assets. Today the question leans toward the physical: What is the longest river in Alaska?
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