Krugman Predicts End of US Auto Industry

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Paul Krugman, Nobel prize winning economist, has predicted the end of the US auto industry. Although this has been widely reported elsewhere, I think it’s interesting to note the reason Krugman quotes: “It will do so because of the geographical forces that me and my colleagues have discussed…” So if anyone gives you flak for […]

Geography Themed Weddings

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I love Crafster. It’s a great place to get ideas and see how creative people can be. It’s amazing how much geography can inexpensively personalize a wedding. I liked this 100% DIY Punk Rock Wedding everything in it is cool but especially how they used local street names to label the tables. Several people used […]

Crazy number

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OK, I was just looking at our podcast download numbers for the first time in a while and I was FLOORED by the fact that 21,866 episodes were downloaded in October alone. Now admittedly that is from 561 files covering the weekly mp3 and aac versions, special episodes, and videos (though admittedly mostly the weekly […]

A Loo with a View

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Plenty of places are talking about the new picture book A Loo with a View by Luke Barclay which features the world’s tops toilet views. What I find most interesting is that 1) He was able to do it in under two years, 2) He’s looking for submissions from other people, 3)he has a history […]