I need an app for that

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Today at lunch we were kicking around some ideas on connecting various content with other content or to a location in a user friendly way and I couldn’t get past the thought of a touch interface. The problem is that we are still tied predominantly to a few things in the tech arena that makes […]

MapAction heads to Haiti to help with quake relief

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After yesterday’s devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, aid groups and governments from around the world are mobilizing to help out with relief efforts. As Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters have shown, mapping and geospatial technologies can be crucial tools in helping aid workers assess the situation and navigate an unfamiliar and changed landscape, identify […]

Autodesk interviews an idea

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Over at the Autodesk It is Alive in the Lab blog they have a good Monday morning post that looks at what an idea is and how it develops. What makes it stand-out is that they set it up as an interview with an idea (Mr. Idea). The anthropomorphizing of a concept is great fun […]

YouTube and Library of Congress team up to put early movies online

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Although not strictly geography-related, I really wanted to post about the US Library of Congress utilizing YouTube to make digital versions of some of the earliest motion pictures ever recorded available online. The LOC’s collections are amazing historical treasures, and cover a wide variety of topics. You can find out more about the Library of […]