Google urged to drop reactor images

This article from that I picked up from SlashDot ties into a topic that we covered in the podcast this week…the concern over what high resolution aerial/satellite imagery is appropriate to release and what is not. The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation is concerned about the easy access to information, in this case imagery, about sites that are considered sensitive. Check out the full article…or wait for next weeks podcast 🙂

Google urged to drop reactor images | Top stories | Breaking News 24/7 – (08-08-2005)

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Spatial multimedia (pictures, video, audio, etc linked to a specific location) has been a goal for many researchers over the last decade in order to link qualitative information to the more quantitative GIS information. Now with the explosion of web-based mapping it has become a simple task to create hyperlink this media to specific locations. This is just on the of the many examples of this.

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There has been quite a bit of research into semantic interoperability in web mapping. This extension takes this idea one step further and ties the semantics of the web to the map itself giving the user the ability to aggregate web information then viewing the information via Google Maps. I will try to do a review of this extension on the Podcast this weekend after I have had a couple of days to play with it.

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Off topic, but I had to

Backstory: I bought Konfabulator a month ago…a great program that lets you use desktop widgets with Windows (hurry to Intel, Apple!)…

Action: Yahoo! bought the parent company 2 weeks ago and will be releasing the next version as freeware

Result: The company is refunding the purchase to anyone who bought the current version! So cool!!

Back to topic: I am guessing that Yahoo will tie a widget to Yahoo Maps…in fact it wouldn’t be too hard to tie a widget to Google Maps now…hmmmm 🙂

Go now and download Konfabulator and lots of widgets. Good stuff…uh-huh.