List of disk based GIS systems and goodies

This is a list sent to us by Edward, a listener, of disk based GIS systems. These are bootable systems that do not require you to istall anything to your computer. I am only familiar with a couple of these, so I will have to look into most of them myself. If you are looking into them and would like to write a review of your experiences send it to us and we will post it as one of our review columns. Have fun playing with them.
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Spatially Adjusted – Blog about ESRI and GIS: The VerySpatial Podcast

This is our first mention (that I know of) on an outside site. Between getting a few emails and this plug there is a little pressure to make this podcast and blog all it can be. On that note, we hope to have our first column up this weekend, with our second close on its heels if Frank gets it to us before he starts his first semester of course work toward his next in a string of degrees.

Spatially Adjusted – Blog about ESRI and GIS: The VerySpatial Podcast

CafePress Items

We have some fine products sporting the VerySpatial logo and our new catch phrase, “Geography…In Stereo”. Use the link to the right to check out the products. We are especially happy with the square tile. We will say more on this weekends podcast if we have received the shirt and tile that were ordered. All proceeds from the CafePress store will go towards supporting hosting and equipment expenses.