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A little poster action

podcast posterWe had a small poster session for the departments in arts & sciences today. For this event I tossed together a quick blog/podcast poster that is descriptive rather than research based, though we had a couple of those up too. I was fairly happy with it for the 2 hours of effort I put into it so I decided to share it…well that and Sue said I had to :-). The pdf is about 34×46″ (yes, my poster printing mindset is left over from printing ArchE on plotters that enforced a 1″ border) and will cost you 1.7MB of download time.

Download Here

How we put together the podcast

This is the first of 2-3 columns I am going to write on how we put the podcast together. The column is primarily on the more technical aspects (equipment & software) where as the next one I will write more about the scripting that we should do for the podcast and some of the postproduction details after we have recorded but before we have posted the podcast. The third column will reflect our attempts to advertise the podcast and a little marketing to help defray the costs involved.

How we put together the podcast

“data providers do hold all the cards just now”

Adena over at AllPointsBlog states “While we try to understand the implications of the new offerings [from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!], let’s not forget that geospatial apps run on data as fuel. And, just like gasoline, the price of premium data is still high.”

This blog entry ties in nicely with some of the discussions we had back in the first 5 episodes about the importance of the data in addition to the technology providing them.

Geodata Changes at Google

Missouri congressmen call for investigation of USGS mapping consolidation

The decision to close the USGS mapping center in Rolla, Missouri as part of its consolidation in Denver has prompted several Missouri Congressmen to request an investigation into the decision.

Among their issues, they argue that an internal committee and an independent consultant agreed that the Rolla location is more efficient.

This controversy has been reported in a number of places, and you can read a local Rolla news article here

Census Bureau awards $500 million contract

The US Census Bureau has award a 6-year contract worth more than $500 million to Lockheed Martin for the 2010 Census Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS). They will also be working with IBM and several other companies. The press release didn’t go into too much detail, but it seems like the Census Bureau may be contracting most of the work for the next census, which would be a first.

You can read the article at GISuser.com