GIS, CAD, and Cruiseships

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When looking for more information on the world’s biggest cruise ship, I found a great blog on GIS CAD Interoperability aptly called “GIS CAD Interoperability” GIS and CAD are some of the tools used to design cruise ships which are essentially floating cities. When you watch a video of the world’s biggest cruise ship, Oasis […]

MapTube – sharing maps online

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The guys from CASA at UCL emailed us a few weeks ago about MapTube, another one of their great projects. I’ve wanted to post about it since then, but let some other things push it out of my mind temporarily. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, MapTube is a site where you […]

Cool Mars pictures and animations

Posted on Posted in General, general has posted a collection of images and animations of Mars, both from orbiting reconnaissance imagers and from landers. They include true color mosaics taken from high-altitude and from the surface, a really neat image of sunset on Mars in color, and my favorite, a time-lapse animation of dust devils passing by the NASA Rover […]

ITSRG and social maps

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The The Information Technology and Society Research Group at Temple University ITSRG has a map theme for their ITSpace blog for the month of June. As you might imagine based on their name, they are focusing on the social applications of mapping technologies. They have looked at a range of applications so far and even […]

WWDC Video

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So Loopt got a little stage time today at Apple’s WWDC 2008 during the keynote, way to go. The little “small world” video during the announcement of countries the iPhone will be distributed is was pretty funny. Hopefully we will see more screen grabs and announcements of location based iPhone apps now that the date […]

Geotwitter, location based tweets

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I have been on Twitter since February. I was definitely a hold out because at first I just didn’t get microblogging, then because I didn’t want to get sucked in, but it was inevitable. As a person who wants to have a location tag on certain information the only thing that I think twitter is […]