They had me at ‘Help Me Obi-Wan’

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Engadget has a link to this really cool video demoing using iOS’s String Augmented Reality SDK and the Microsoft Kinect together. The video mentions a few potential uses, but it is a pretty cool combination of technology. Is 3D going to become the new Mashup? For me, the obvious high point is when he makes […]

Multitouch Table on the Cheap

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Ok, maybe not ‘cheap’… but a lot less than the Microsoft Surface. Engadget reports about a new product by a company named Merel that has created a multitouch table for a bargain basement $3,995. That’s a steal! It’s got a 3.2ghz Quad Core processor, 720p 32 inch display, and a dedicated Radeon HD video card […]

How the states originally got their stories

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We have tweeted about and talked about and shown the History Channel’s How the States Got Their Shapes often since the original 2 hour special aired and have sat entranced as Brian Unger has taken us through the first six episodes of the season. BUT…we probably need to take a step back and make sure […]

oh, so wrong

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This is one of Threadless’s new designs for the week…entitled ‘Pop It‘. Of course if you like globe oriented t-shirts you may want to check out Threadless’s back catalog. For this particular design, I am not sure whether to laugh hysterically or just shake my head in that “it’s just not right” kind of way. […]