Topographic Fruit Bowls

TOPOS fruit bowlYes, that’s right….If you would like a lovely geography-inspired way to display your apples, oranges and other tasty fruits, then check out these custom-milled wooden fruit bowls in the shape of 3D topography. They’re not cheap at 149 euros, but really, how can you resist the opportunity to have a mini 3D landscape on your kitchen counter?

(Thanks to Sean for sending us the link)

More monitors…MORE

As previously posted by Frank…Most at WVU would consider me mentioning something from Virginia Tech blasphemy at best, but here goes. VT has put together a 24 monitor set up that is just, well, a lot of monitors even in my mind. BUT, they have 12 linux boxes driving the monitors that can run Quake III at 15-30 fps on a whole bunch of pixels. Head over Engadget to get a bit more info.

GPS Visualizer

Here’s a pretty cool free application for anyone heavily into using your GPS unit. You can upload your GPS data to via typing in coordinates, street addresses, or uploading a file, and this tool will output a map showing your route. The really cool thing is that you can output to a pretty decent set of file types, including jpeg, PMG, and even KML files for use in Google Earth! It looks like the development team is adding features hand over fist, so it would definately be worthwhile to keep an eye on this program’s development.

GPS Media Center

Microsoft and VW are showing off an interesting prototype at CeBit.  It is car-based Media Center that includes GPS and will be a full computer including internet capability.  This dash and seatback mounted display looks pretty swank, but it is still just a prototype.


Well it isn’t in the shape of a whooping crane!

Apparently Microsoft has released the semi-final/latest word on their super-secret Origami project. It’s pretty much what all the rumors had said previously – it’s a “ultra portable” computer. The device is suppose to have around a 7″ touch screen and run full versions of Windows XP, abet optimized for Origami. Later versions are suppose to be under $500 and feature – get this – an all day battery life! The prototypes only run for 15 mins before their battery is drained. I guess Microsoft has a couple of hurdles between 15 mins and all day. However the devices are pretty exciting, especially for field work as I’m certain they’ll include some sort of expansion slot.

UPDATE: CNET has pictures!

New Matrox external triplehead video adapter

Matrox put out a press release today on their new external triple head video adapter.  As I may have mentioned before, I am a fan of ‘the more monitors the better’ scenario.  I am very curious to see how well this supports 3D graphics since their current Parhelia series just can’t keep up with nVidia or ATI.  I hope that this adapter will give you the 3 monitor experience with the great graphics experience of the new consumer gaming video cards.  Time to look for some cash to one (and 3 monitors) for myself 🙂
New Matrox TripleHead 2Go upgrades systems to 3 monitors at a time

Woman versus machine

On Episode 2 of InDigital, an IPTV show/video podcast, in a review of the Magellan Roadmate 800, they pitted a host with the Roadmate against a host with her own knowledge of Los Angeles in a 2 stop race to see who could get to the stops and back to the starting point first.  The segment starts around the 14 minute mark and is peppered with language I would think is common when driving in Los Angeles, definitely not kid friendly 🙂

Fun to watch and does mention the GPS unit for at least 30 seconds.

InDigital – Your Life In Gear – Episode 2

MultiTouch demo video is breathtaking

OK, so our listener Matt pointed out a link to a blog post that includes a video demo of the multitouch technology that has been mentioned in a few places related to Apple’s patent filing. After watching the video I hearby declare myself a fanboy (thus making gushing OK)! The interaction in the video is just amazing, the map example is topical and definitely worth mentioning here, but some of the other demos in the video are just…wow! Check out the link below.

Vic Devecha’s Tech Blog