GPS gaming with PSP

Engadget is doing a live blog from the Sony pre-show at E3. So far they have announced that the PSP will have a compatable GPS by Winter 2006 and they will be releasing software tentatively entitled PSP Planet: Interactive City Guide. Head over to Engadget to find out more as they continue their E3 coverage this week.

Get your spidey tracer!

Think Geek has a pretty cool device for all you spy fans out there (and a for those that aren’t). Use the portable GPS USB Tracker to track your pay throughout the day! Or, if you’re of the nefarious bent, plant it on someone else and see where they’ve been. When you get the device back to your computer, whether it’s because you have it in your pocket or because it was transfered back to you through a super-secret microfilm canister drop (because really? Who uses microfilm anymore?), you can get the data points about where the device has been. Then, it’s an easy plot into Google Earth, Mapquest, or any other free mapping app out there. Pretty fancy, and it’ll only set you back 250 clams!

Genius! Use any memory stick to play MP3s

VR3Listener Alex just emailed me about how he listens to the podcast during his drive time. He uses a $30 device, the VR3, that allows you to use any USB memory stick to hold your mp3’s while the device allows you to play them, move between songs, adjust volume, etc. It includes an FM modulator with 7 preset stations, so it may not work as well in larger cities but I can see how it would be great for road trips and out here in the boonies where we only get 5 radio stations anyway. I haven’t tried it myself, but for $30 bucks, someone is getting one for christmas, I’m just not sure who yet :-).

Engadget GPS

With the volume of multifunction GPS units that have been announced over the last few weeks, I think this is a good time to remind everyone of Engadget GPS where you can get the skinny on new units and, in many cases, links to similar units that might make their way to the States someday 🙂

Get from Here to There using Photos

ShinyShiny, a tech gadget blog especially for girls, posted a review of the new Navman icn720 and 750 GPS in-car navigation systems that let you use photos to navigate to places. The unit has a built-in camera, so you just snap a picture of the IKEA store, your favorite restaurant, or whatever, and the photo is tagged with coordinates. Then, next time you want to go, you just bring up the photo and the Navman will get you there. Of course, it’s yet another cool device that we probably won’t get here in the US, at least not for awhile.