ArcPad Today Powertoy

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This morning on the new ArcPad dev team blog, they released a small powertoy for the PocketPC. The ArcPad Today Powertoy is a free today screen plug-in that allows you to access ArcPad directly and keep an eye on your battery and memory. I spent good money on a similar program for my PocketPC before […]

Real time traffic tracking

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This isn’t your father’s real time traffic tracking. This is personal. Technology has been out for awhile now that can read a license plate in traffic from a distance. So what’s the news? Apparently G2 Tactics in Virginia invisions a day when its cheap enough for anyone to buy. We could all track each other’s […]

LAPD Get their Spidey Tracer!

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If you read the blog regularly, you’ll know my facination with the “Spidey Tracer”. (in truth, I’m facinated with all super gadgets… Batman is my hero!) Now the LAPD will jump on the spidey tracer fun bandwagon with Virginia-based company StarChase’s new laser homing dart GPS. The dart can be launched by chase vehicles onto […]

Opera 9 and widgets

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As you all may know I am a fan of the widget. Konfabulator was wonderful, Yahoo Widgets made them more ubiquitous, and of course Apple stole widgets from Konfabulator 🙂 (and Widgets in Vista…have I mentioned Vista is very pretty). Now, Opera has officially released version 9 complete with…you guessed it, widgets. These are similar […]