Will there be an Apple mapping device

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There is apparently references in the new version of iPhoto (6.0.5) suggets potential integration into Google Maps. An Apple patent went in previously for a device that could include GPS, force sensing (roll, pitch, yaw) and other sensors that would make a very nice LBS device at least hardware-wise. iPhoto 6.0.5 Google Maps Integration And […]

Blue Planet Globe – for the geographer who has everything

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I admit I am an HGTV junkie, especially the show called “I Want That!”. This past weekend’s episode included the Blue Planet Globe, from The Science Source Here is the compelling description from the HGTV website: The Blue Planet Globe is a dramatic rotating, illuminated globe that accurately depicts the seasons as they unfold around […]

Location Based Chumby

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Please don’t let this way cool gadget/alarm clock be ‘vapor-ware’. The Chumby is a small computer that appears to be infinitely customizable through Flash widgets and some good old fashion hacking. Toss in a GPS chip and some code you could have an always on cuddly LBS system. If Loki isn’t giving away a few […]

Ubiquitous advertising

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Even ads are ubiquitous these days as an article from BBC News points out. The article looks at how different technologies are being used to better market to buyers. The article suggests a few reasons why Minortiy Report-like LBS advertising isn’t currently one of the trends. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Technology lets […]