Pocket media player

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It appears that in general there is a new device type that is running on Windows CE that is built for media. Sandisk’s Sansa® View features a 4 inch screen and a replacable LiPoly battery for those long flights. The more interesting device though might be the iRiver W10 which has a 3.5″ screen, but […]

World without ‘mobile’

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This week’s happy moment brought to you by the letters M, L, and W. We now have access to great mobile devices such as the OQO Model 2, the ‘soon’ to arrive iPhone and the Nokia N800, each of which are running a full modern operating system and each of which has WiFi and cellular […]

Multitouch on a phone and maps

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Ed has already posted on Geophoto. But even better is the iPhone, which is cooler than I could have suspected. Completely touch screen, full OS X (more or less), great web integration (great for your online mapping projects)…did I mention multitouch…This is a technology we have been pouncing on every time we have seen it, […]

Pharos GPS Phone 600

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The folks over at Pharos are showing the GPS Phone 600 which looks nice, but there wasn’t too many details on the CrunchGear post, and I haven’t had time to search out the PR. The photos showed a nice large screen and Windows Mobile, so in theory you should be able to run VE Mobile, […]

OQO Model 02

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I have drooled over the original OQO since before the term UMPC existed. Now with the announcement (and video over at Engadget) of the OQO model 2 I am going to have to say that I am going to be hard pressed to be as excited over other announcements this week as I am the […]

Starting MacWorld early

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Other World Computing put out a teaser for their product the ModBook that will be announced Tuesday. It is supposed to be a slate style tablet solution that will even offer a GPS add-on. From the press release The ModBook is also the only portable Mac solution that features an optional built-in Global Positioning System […]


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As I am sure many of you have read Google dropped 1.6 BILLION dollars for YouTube. We at the VerySpatial “office” are of different minds on the acquisition, but that isn’t really important to the geospatial world other than the question…what will GISNation do now that Google owns the two systems they have used for […]