LBS… Military style

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The US military has been spending a great deal of time and money over the last decade or so trying to develop ways to make the on the ground solider more “plugged in” to the modern battlefield. Enter the Land Warrior system (LWS), a component of the Advanced Warfighter System the military is trying to […]

chumby getting closer

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The chumby, as I have mentioned before, is a great little device that will be the size of an alarm clock, have wifi, run Flash apps, and is infinitely hackable in terms of Flash apps, hardware and even its appearance (starts out as a beanbag with a screen). The site has recently been updated and […]

BBC NEWS | The rise of technology addiction

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Yep, we are all addicted to tech around here at the VerySpatial ‘office’. We have cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, handheld games (PSP, DS…), laptops, consoles, desktops digital cameras…you get the idea. I am confused by the discussion of the impact of tech addiction on spatial awareness, but I like the idea that being deluged […]

Geodata and Biking

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If you’re really into watching professional biking, but haven’t as of yet had the resources to go to an actual race, this news is for you. The Amgen Tour of California is going to feature riders with geotracking devices to chart the rider’s movements in real time. As Wired is reporting, “The system uses a […]

“The Last Mile” on the cheap

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The Last Mile problem is a well known issue in wireless broadband circles. Running between, say, cities is easy… getting it the last mile to individual houses is hard. Most of the solutions thus far have focused on rather expensive technologies (like tower based WiFi) that have limited utility. Enter these gentlemen. They are using […]

Virtual Chumby

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Some Sunday fun while I am editing the audio. I came across the Virtual Chumby which isn’t going to hold me over to the physical product in the spring quarter, but it will amuse me over the next couple of weeks. Still no spatial (Loki) widget for the Chumby yet, I haven’t checked the forums […]