Architect or Grad Student?

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With many popular sites picking up on Barbie’s new architectural design (the house) I finslly took a look at this year’s “I Can Be…” Barbie. You may recall that last year was the computer geek Barbie which was, quite honestly, awesome and can of course be called the GIS Barbie if you so choose. This […]

Group Me and Group Texting

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The Wall Street Journal has an article on GroupMe, an Android application that allows multiple users to text together at the same time as a group. According to the article, “The secret behind GroupMe is that it assigns one phone number to a group, so the most basic cellphones will be able to send text […]

They had me at ‘Help Me Obi-Wan’

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Engadget has a link to this really cool video demoing using iOS’s String Augmented Reality SDK and the Microsoft Kinect together. The video mentions a few potential uses, but it is a pretty cool combination of technology. Is 3D going to become the new Mashup? For me, the obvious high point is when he makes […]

How the states originally got their stories

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We have tweeted about and talked about and shown the History Channel’s How the States Got Their Shapes often since the original 2 hour special aired and have sat entranced as Brian Unger has taken us through the first six episodes of the season. BUT…we probably need to take a step back and make sure […]