Spatial Humanities SIG at the ESRIUC

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Since the AAG/UVA sponsored Geography and the Humanities session back in 2007 there has been an ever growing conversation about the use of spatial technologies in the humanities. UVA’s Scholars’ Lab Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship which has taken place over the last few months, including a round earlier this week, is an example of […]

AVSP Live! 5th Anniversary edition

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With the ESRI International User Conference agenda available some folks may be picking through sessions and planning out their very busy week in July. We just wanted to take a moment to suggest that you put our 5th anniversary live show on your calendar for the week. We will be meeting in Room 30E of […]

Com.Geo program available

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In case you wondering what was going to be taking place next month at COM.Geo in Washington DC, the program is now available. It looks like a fairly interesting and diverse program that covers a lot of the current issues from a mixed perspective that seems to capture academic, industry, government, and NGO work. You […]

PlaceCamp and call for organizers

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I would like to announce a plan, or at least the idea of a plan, for the upcoming ESRI International User Conference and beyond…PlaceCamp. PlaceCamp is intended to be a way to get people talking about how we can use geospatial data and technologies and Geography concepts in the humanities in an unconference-y environment. There […]

AAG 2010 – Where we were

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That is it for the VerySpatial crew for the 2010 AAG in Washington, DC. Posters were stood beside, papers were presented, panels were discussed, and podcasts were recorded. We walked away with the fewest podcasts of any AAG, so if we missed you and you would like to talk about your presentation, topic, or product […]

AAG 2010 – Where we will be

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Howdy! We will be traveling and conferencing over the next few days in Washington, DC at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers. If you will be there presenting or just hanging out grab us and say ‘hello’, or better yet grab us and tell us (and our microphones) what you are doing […]

Inventor of Rubik’s Cube to appear at USA Science and Engineering Festival

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You may remember that we’ve mentioned the USA Science and Engineering Festival, which will be held in October in Washington, DC. It is a great idea to celebrate science and engineering, and raise awareness of the importance of STEM education here in the US. There’s already a great lineup of universities, public agencies and private […]

Come one, come all

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Ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages, we would like to invite you to attend a session at the AAG in Washington, DC next Friday (April 16) at 8AM (if you are attending the conference of course). The panel session is entitled Digital Media and Learning in Geography (abstract below) and it will take place […]