Need help finding a Seattle spot

We are thinking of hosting a Geography meet up at the AAG in April to get a chance to meet some of you who will be in attendance of the conference or in the area. It will also be a chance to celebrate our 300th weekly episode which will come out the day after the AAG wraps up. The main thing that we are missing right now is a place to hold said meet up. If you are in Seattle or familiar with the area around the Sheraton and Convention Center and have suggestions of a place that be used for a small meet up please email me or leave a comment on this post with your suggestion. I would like to keep the location within 4-5 blocks of the conference if possible and we will probably try to have it on Thursday or Friday night (April 14 or 15).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

The Integration of Geospatial Technologies in Professions

I have noticed lately that increasingly conferences outside of the geospatial sphere are specifically requesting geospatially related topics. I think it shows the integration and acceptance or growing need for “every day” geospatial skills and geospatial literacy outside of fields normally thought of as being obviously geo-related. It means that for geospatial users who often could not find people who “spoke their language” except at specialized conferences (American Association of Geographers (AAG), Esri International User Conference among others), there is growing opportunity for learning and sharing skills with other people within their specific profession.

Some of the places I have seen this trend are in the recent Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE) which has a 20 Year history of technology & teacher education. They included both geospatial technologies, 3D modeling for manufacturing, and serious gaming in their topics for the upcoming 2011 conference. They state that skills in these areas are becoming an important part of education and future job preparation for students.

The prestigious EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowships For Graduate Environmental Study included this special note which states that awards, “may involve the collection of “Geospatial Information,” which includes information that identifies the geographic location and characteristics of natural or constructed features or boundaries on the Earth or applications, tools, and hardware associated with the generation, maintenance, or distribution of such information. This information may be derived from, among other things, a Geographic Positioning System (GPS), remote sensing, mapping, charting, and surveying technologies, or statistical data.”

The 26th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management also created a section for Geotechnical topics due to the increasing number of papers being submitted on the subject of solid waste and geospatial analysis such as route planning, design, administration, and cross-boundary environmental issues.

Speak with us at GEOINT 2010

Sue and I are preparing for our first trip to GEOINT 2010 Symposium next week in New Orleans. We have some conversations planned already both at the conference and a quick trip over to the University of New Orleans, but there are still slots in our calendar. If you are going to be on site exhibiting, presenting, or just kicking back and absorbing and would like to talk about your take on geospatial intelligence feel free to contact us. We will see you next week in New Orleans!

Call for papers for AAG ’11 session

I am putting the finishing touches on a paper session that will highlight outreach efforts in Geography and/or geospatial technologies. I need another paper or two to round out the session. If you are doing any outreach work, formal or informal, and you are interested in sharing your successes and lessons learned please contact me at “jesse dot rouse at uncp dot edu” by Tuesday (19 Oct). Deadline for abstracts is this Wednesday, 20 October and you have to register to submit your abstract.

Have you met Earth Science Week?

For those who are not aware Earth Science Week is just around the corner, October 10-16. A good portion of Geography looks at the physical environment and its components…aka is Earth Science. Basically it gives us another week to push Geography awareness. But instead of the focus on human-environment interaction that we trend towards in November, Earth Science Week gives us a chance to talk about some of the physical geography basics. While we have talked about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as being connected to Geography broadly, this is where some of the most notable connections exist. Earth Science Week gives us a chance to highlight weather, climate, geomorphology, biogeography and all of the goodness in between. Not only does it cover a breadth of topics, but also numerous methods and techniques. Whether you want to model the environment using computers, do some hands on lab work, or pull your hiking boots out of the closet and head to the field, don’t forget to take advantage of Earth Science Week to highlight the fact that Geography is all about the Earth, science and all.

Call for participants – AAG 2011 session

I am putting together a session on Geography outreach efforts for the upcoming AAG meeting in Seattle in April. The focus will be on how different people or organizations are approaching outreach in Geography including topics such as connecting with new communities, informal audiences, creating lesson plans, using technology to encourage understanding, or anything that might help others as they plan their outreach efforts. With efforts from GIWIS to the GTCM coming to bear over the last few years we have a unique opportunity to build on formal recognition of the jobs available and technologies connected to Geography to build public interest in Geography, geographic concepts, and spatial thinking in general. My hope is to have a paper session followed by a panel session to open the conversation more broadly and consider how to support current and future outreach efforts. I will add the session to the proposed sessions on the AAG site in the next couple of weeks.

If you are planning to attend the AAG and you are interested in taking part in the session please contact me at jesse (at) veryspatial dot com.

Esri UC 2011 Call for Presentations now open

That’s right, for all you Esri users out there, it’s already time to start thinking about next year’s User Conference. The Call for Presentations is now out over on Esri’s conference website, and abstracts are going to be due on October 15th. So if you’ve got a great GIS project or topic you want to share, start getting your abstract together.

We always have an amazing time at the UC, we get to do a great Live Show and try to present something every year, so hopefully we’ll get to see a lot of you fellow GISers at the 2011 event!