From the opening keynote

Sue and I are sitting sat in the opening keynote at the ESRI Developers Summit (EDS) this morning, and we aren’t the only ones.  There were well over 600 people in attendance including many ESRI employees .  A couple of other bloggers are in Palm Springs also and once they have posted I will link to them here.  Since I am doing did this live, it is more stream of conciousness than a true outline, but it give you an idea of the progression of the keynote.  I have to say it is a lot easier to blog about a tech even than an academic one. :-)  Overall, it was a good opening session. We will do quick overviews of the sessions we attend throughout the day.

Brian Goldin starting the keynote and giving an overview of the EDS and speaking of community and building the dev community.

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Heading to Palm Springs

We are on the road again.  This time on our way to Palm Springs for the ESRI Dev Summit.  If you are going to be there keep an eye open for the microphone.  When we aren’t in sessions we will be in the Andreas Room interviewing folks or wandering the floor hitting people up for interviews.  We will be doing daily reviews at the EDS starting tomorrow night.  See you in Palm Springs.

Great conference

We had a great time at the AAG this year.  Sue made it, of course, to the industry based session that was had and brought that to you.  Hopefully some of you were actually at the AAG and took advantage of our daily previews from the GeoGram (thanks again to Megan at the AAG for helping us get those early).

Next year the AAG will be moving to San Francisco and we will try to be there.  Next up for Sue and I is the ESRI Dev Summit next weekend and we are still trying to cajole Frank into heading down to the 12th Conference on Appalachian Geography.

Virtual Globes session at AAG

Probably the best session I’ve attended here at AAG in Chicago was yesterday afternoon’s “Geography v2.0: Internet-based Virtual Globes”. The presenters included Dave Maguire, head developer at ESRI, and Tim McGrath of Microsoft. There were also 2 papers discussing the use of Google Earth in geography research.

Dave’s talk focused on ArcGISExplorer, ESRI’s virtual globe. Dave referred to ArcGISExplorer, Google Earth, Virtual Earth, NASA’s World Wind and similar applications as “Geographic Exploration Systems” with 5 main components: 1) People; 2) Data; 3) the Server: 4) Web Access; and 5) the Viewer. The key is that these GES focus on the exploitation of geographic information, and Dave stressed the notion of Services Oriented Architecture, a term I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of. Dave was all set to do a live demo of the beta of ArcGISExplorer, but the conference center did not get the live internet hookup running in time. However, the recorded demo was pretty impressively, and highlighted ESRI’s main focus of integrating various web services with the ArcGISExplorer base data to create a more powerful tool. Some of the feature highlights include: query by location/distance, Drive-time polygons, the client understands projections, the user can load geoprocessing models published via web services to execute GIS functions, the ability to mashup multiple services, and the available .NET developer API. All in all, we can’t wait to try it out.

As far as presentations go, Tim McGrath from Microsoft’s Virtual Earth Business Unit gave a nice rundown on Microsoft’s vision for its mapping applications and discussed the object-oriented approach used to develop its products. He showed a nice demo of some of the Virtual Earth features that we’ve seen, including the Bird’s-Eye view imagery and the recently-debuted Street-Side preview. He demonstrated the AutoLocate feature of Virtual Earth, which uses nearby WiFi hotspots to give your location, as well as the ability to integrate Instant Messenger into the Virtual Earth interface. All in all, Tim’s presentation showed that Microsoft has a long-term vision for their mapping products, and I think we might see some interesting stuff coming up in the future from them.

We missed the reception

Yes, that is right.  Even though Sue made it to the Geography 2.0 session, we didn’t make it to the reception.  Instead we went to see Wicked, which we bought tickets for a while back.  I think this will be ok since we will be at the Dev Summit next week and I am sure we will be able to see ArcGIS Explorer in all of its demoed goodness.  Other than that things are still going great.  We got a few great interviews yesterday and we are going to do one last pass through of the exhibit hall today to grab some more folks.  We have had a couple of recording glitches that we will have to iron out before next weekend, but hopefully you will like what you hear in content if not always sound quality 🙂

Well…off to another day of conference going.

New media panel went great

The session was great, if a little small, but that is the way it goes on Wednesday morning at 8.  Look for some photos, Sue’s presentation, and the audio from the session as the day goes on and we get a little free time.  We are off to our next sessions.

AAG GeoBloggers. . .

OK, things are underway.  We went down to grab our registration materials and hit the International Reception (aka free food), though we skipped out on what was probably some great Chicago blues (yeah I play little guitar and most of it is blues so I am a little sad) but the need to finish presentations won out.  We did grab a quick word with the TerraGo guys and set up some discussions for later in the week including the edu reps for ESRI, Leica, and Intergraph.  Since we haven’t used this mobile set up before in the wild we will see whether or not the audio worked in a few minutes when I cut together tonights daily updated podcast.  And in response to Fantom Planet:

Hey…play nice.  I only own one coat with elbow patches that I save for special occasions 🙂

FANTOM PLANET: Yoo-hoo! AAG GeoBloggers. . .

Sittin’ at the airport

Wireless is my friend. The last roadtrip was back in Novermber, but Sue and I (along with our chauffeur Mike 🙂 ) are on our way to Chicago. The first daily is up and as soon as we get tonights Geogram we will be recording the next round. We are also be on the hunt tonight for interviews at the social.

Again, if you are going to be in Chicago Wed morning check out the pocast and blog panel session because there will be some swag (as long as it made it to the hotel OK)