Virtual Globes session at ISDE5

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We have Bern Szukalski of ESRI, Bill Gail of Microsoft, Patrick Hogan of World Wind, Chuck Stein of Geofusion, and Brian McClendon of Google. Overall the discussion started off with general discussions on Digtial Earth and Virtual Globes from ESRI and Microsoft and has narrowed to detailed discussions of software from World Wind and GeoFusion, […]

ArcGIS Server at ISDE5

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Bern S. from ESRI is currently speaking at ISDE5 and showing off something that he apparently showed last week at Where 2.0 without much fanfare, but I have to wonder why it went by so quietly. He is showing ArcGIS Server apps running not only in ArcGIS Explorer, but also in Google Earth and Virtual […]

ISDE5 on Tuesday

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Today we began with NASA, the Heinz Center, and a talk on the Polar Year. Good keynotes all, I, as may have been suspected, thought the NASA perspective was interesting, especially as the presenter has been at Ames for only a year. I had to meet someone, so I unfortunately missed the last presentation and […]

Planet Action – geospatial engagement

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This is a great example of what ISDE5 is all about. SPOT Image in conjunction with partners ESRI, Infoterra, and Unesco is presenting Planet Action which is a participatory/educational site that: aims to support projects all around the world whether from scientific or civil origins, bringing these communities as well as various industries together in […]

Made it to ISDE5

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After an ‘interesting’ travel day, Sue and I have made it to Berkeley for the fifth International Symposium on Digital Earth. We registered and are now in the plenary session for the general introductions from local to international organizers. The sessions run from today through Saturday morning and there are quite a few activities outside […]