Remote Sensing at ESRI UC

The latest mass email from ESRI regarding the International User Conference had a small blurb on a new Remote Sensing GIS Summit that has been added to the event on Sunday August 3 from 8:30 to 5:30. The preliminary agenda includes keynote and case study presentations as well as the expected technical presentations. If you are going to be in San Diego for the UC and will be in town on Sunday then you may want to check this out. We were thinking of hitting Lego Land that afternoon but I will try to mix the Remote Sensing GIS Summit (RSGS?) with the EdUC sessions in the morning.

Also, go ahead and put our live show on your schedule for Tuesday afternoon.

In the presence of greatness

nullJust before we spoke with Jack Dangermond at the SAG awards session at the ESRI UC, we got the chance to meet Dr. Roger Tomlinson, commonly referred to as the ‘father of GIS’. He was a good chat, and informed us that West Virginia played an early role in wine made in the US. Click on the image to see it at full size.

This is what happens when you don’t read your local paper…

We were pretty excited and really honored to get a SAG award this year, and it never occurred to us that such a thing would be of interest to anyone outside of geography and geospatial circles, but apparently there was an article about the award in our local paper, the Dominion Post, that we totally missed. Nothing earth-shattering or very interesting to the rest of the world, but it is kinda cool to see VerySpatial in a newspaper headline (even if it is on page 7-H!).

Now, in our defense, moving labs and catching up on PhD work has pretty much consumed all of us since we got back from San Diego (as evidenced by our lower volume of blog posts in the last couple of weeks), so we will have to see if any of our friends and neighbors still have their copies.

ESRIUC Final Notes! New in the Better Late Than Never File!

Ok, I promised these like three weeks ago. In my defense, the move took a lot out of me. Of course in my condemnation, I could have posted these before the move! Anyway, leaning on the “better late than never” principle, here are my notes from the sessions I attended. Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend as many sessions as I would have liked, as we had a pretty full interview schedule. The first session details all the notes I took concerning new analytical tools coming, most notably the spatial statistical stuff. The second session details a lot of the really cool stuff coming on the server side of things. In the first session, the presentation was fairly methodical and I was able to take stuff in and then write it down. However in the server session, they covered SO much material in such a short period of time that I was more or less typing a sentence or two behind what they were saying. Be sure to let me know if I missed or misrepresented any of the details!


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