AVSP Live! Tuesday at 5:30 at ESRI UC

Final blog reminder that we will have our second annual AVSP Live! show at the ESRI User Conference TODAY, Tuesday, August 5th. We will be starting around 5:30 in Room 13 of the San Diego Convention Center. Room 13 is on the Mezzanine level which means if you come from the main hall through the Sails/Map Gallery then turn left (Marina side of the building) and head down the short escalator (or steps) then to your right.

We will be joined by Elvin Slavik of the Maptel/ArcPad team to talk about mobile GIS and we will be going through some conference and general news (eg Geofacture/MapCommons).

We, and our pile of SWAG (t-shirts and such), hope you can make it!

ESRI 2008 UC – Afternoon Keynote Notes!

Here are the afternoon notes. They’re not as extensive as the morning notes, but the highlights are here. Don’t forget to look for our wrap of ArcGIS Mobile. I just got it installed on my Mogul and I can’t wait to play with it.


What happens when you release 14,000 hungry geo-nerds on an unsuspecting downtown eating landscape? That’s right! Some of them are gonna come back late!

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ESRI 2008 UC – Morning Keynote Notes!

Here are my notes from the keynote this morning. It’s heavily weighted toward the desktop and server technologies. They’re unfiltered with quirky comments, so forgive the stream of conciousness (and any grammatical errors)!

Secretary of the Interior is talking about the joys of GIS. He got an award. He’s talking about how the government at the highest levels use GIS to do their work. Apparently the President uses GIS all the time in his reports. Darn well better! Now we’re learning about the endangered species act decision with the polar bear. Nice map showing how GIS helped him make the decision. There’s a 1979 image, 1999, and 2007 and the long term ice is going bye bye. He’s talking about the manager/higher level GIS so decision makers can make more informed decisions. Apparenly the Interior department is going to keep the FGDC, which is good. The USGS ladsat archive is going to be made available over the Internet for free by the end of this year. He’s announcing a new position – the geospatial communications officer. He’ll coordinate the efforts of all the Interior positions. It will be interesting to see how that position evolves over time. Hopefully it makes it into the new administrator.

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San Diego Day 2

Sue and Barb made some morning sessions at the EdUC, but I was about an hour late to the Remote Sensing Summit Keynote so I finished up this week’s episode. This afternoon however we decided to be tourists and headed over to the Air and Space Museum for Star Trek: The Exhibition. Fun fun fun if you are into it. No personal photos in the exhibit, but they take your photos and sell them to you at the end (Sue and Barb couldn’t resist).

ESRI EdUC – Day 1

Day 1 of the EdUC is over, and we got a chance to hear a great keynote by Anne Knowles, as well as an interview with her this afternoon. She is very passionate about Historical GIS, and her talk had some excellent examples of projects from the new ESRI Press book Placing History, which she edited. We also made our way through the EdUC Exhibit area, and we will have more interviews from there as well.

Tomorrow is the Remote Sensing Summit, as well as more EdUC sessions, so we should have another busy day!

Follow our ESRI UC coverage

The VerySpatial Road Crew (aka Sue, Frank, Barb, and Jesse) will be at the ESRI Education User Conference and International User Conference next week (Aug 2-8) and we will be providing commentary throughout the week via the blog, daily podcasts, and lots of tweets. The podcasts will be on the Roadshow/Conference feed, the blog entries will be tagged in the ESRIUC category, and Sue, Frank, and I will be twittering at twitter.com/geogirl, twitter.com/nojopar, and twitter.com/kindaspatial respectively.

Of course if you have a few minutes to spare on Tuesday afternoon, August 5, around 5:30 then we would like to invite you to our AVSP Live show (aka Episode 160). We will be in Room 13 of the San Diego Convention Center.

AVSP Live show at ESRI UC

Now that it is less than a month before we leave for the airport and the ESRI International User Conference, Education User Conference, and some of the Remote Sensing Summit, I figured it was close enough that I can start pointing out that we will be doing our second ‘live before a studio audience’ from this years ESRI UC. This year we decided to start early enough to get in the printed agenda but in case you want to write down the details, we will be starting around 5:30pm on Tuesday, August 5 in Room 13. The show will probably go about 45 minutes but we will definitely be wrapped up by 6:30 (as long as I can get the recording equipment set-up and working in a timely manner). We haven’t started rounding up the guests yet, but we have a few folks in mind and we will try to post the line-up by the end of the month.

If you are going to be at the User Conference be sure to swing by and say ‘hi’ either during the live show, or feel free to grab us in the halls. It is always great to talk to you guys and get ideas for future shows. Oh, and if you are going to be at the EdUC and want to help us do a test of our mobile set-up on Saturday evening (time and place to be determined) give me a shout.