AVSP Live! the video

For those of you who missed out on the live show in San Diego or for those who want to relive the memories (bad lighting and all) check out the video of the show (aka Episode 160). You can download the video here in its full 137 MB grandness. Thanks again to Elvin for participating and to everyone who found the room in the farthest corner of the SDCC just to see us yammer 🙂

Since the file is fairly large I will not be placing it in the VSTV feed.

Flying out

We are closing out the conference then heading back west. Since I don’t have anything for you I will share a video from Paige and Keith. Talk to you tomorrow.

UC Staple is very…odd

This guy has been at the UC all three years we have been and he definitely falls under the term ‘unique’. This year he was back to this armored attire after last years kilt. I am not sure the video truly does him justice. A nod to Dave S for posting this video.