Some thoughts on making the UC better

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The ESRI sessions are a great place to really see what the people in our field are doing.  The diversity is really inspiring.  Occasionally I’ll get the random person who’ll ask, “What can you do with GIS?”  I’d love to have a copy of the User Conference program to whip out when that happens and […]

No Streaming for Live show

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The bandwidth is just too sketchy at the ESRI User Conference (happens when you have 1000’s with wifi devices), but it means we will not be streaming the live show this afternoon. We did want to share a cupcake with you since we will be having some at the show.

ESRI UC Day 2 Roundup – Couple of Sessions

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I caught a few sessions and two in particular I thought were worth taking notes.  The first is about return on investments and calculating them for government.  Ultimately the presentations weren’t that strong on this topic in that session, but there was a wealth of information about how local governments can develop GIS even on […]

EdUC plenary and keynote 2009

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The multiple-conferenced beast that is the ESRI User Conference is underway today with the Education User Conference (where I am), the Homeland Security Summit, and the Surveying & Engineering Summit.  This year the EdUC has moved to the other end of the SDCC to the Hilton Bayfront. The opening plenary saw the motley crew that […]

Share your work at the ESRI UC

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I am in presentation mode for the ESRI UC and EdUC already and reminders of other ways to contribute to the conferences keep popping up on my radar. You can submit up to three images by June 15 to be considered for presentation during the conference plenary. You can also submit to the Map Gallery […]