10 Things to Know About Managing GIS Projects

The technical workshop, 10 Things to Know About Managing GIS Projects, is red hot. There are over 150 attendees and standing room only out the door. The workshop is presented by Gerry Clancy and Glenn Berger of the ESRI Professional Service Division. Obviously project management is a hot topic for managers, technical specialists, and the in-between world that most of us exist in at smaller organizations.

1. Define a clear vision and success criteria.
2. Involve the user and stakeholders early and often.
3. Requirements, requirements, requirements
4. Manage change
5. Identify and manage crisis.
6. Use a phased approach
7. Promote communication among teams.
8. Don’t get enamored with technology.
9. Involve IT team early
10. Check out the video that will be available through ESRI. (Have I mentioned that it was super crowded and I was in the way back).

ESRI User Conference Plenary – LIVE BLOG!

Plenary Live Blog

Welcome to the 2010 Plenary Live blog!  The show is just starting.  Kudos to ESRI for this year’s bloggers station.  I totally dig the two table thing.  Lots of room to get around and get the job done.  The opening music is a tune I’ve not heard from Macy Gray (I think).  Kinda dig it.

Jack’s on the stage.  It’s the 30th anniversary UC and the largest show they’ve had.  He just welcomed us and said we’re from all planets.  Jesse and our’s jig is up!  Just kidding.  He talking about learning from friends, which I think is going to bring out the VGI stuff pretty heavy this morning, I’m betting.  First up is the meet and greet part, where we’re supposed to introduce ourselves to each other.  That shows the only downside to the new table setup – the only person I can reasonably meet is Barb!

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Where to find us in San Diego

With a few thousand of us heading to San Diego I thought I would highlight where we will be during the week in case you want to check out some of the ‘jive we are laying down’. If you are a presenter or company interested in an interview, contact us via email, twitter, or skype and we will set something up.

Otherwise we will be getting our annual workout of running between sessions, to interviews, and around the Gas Lamp district.

Spatial Humanities SIG at ESRIUC

With interest in the Spatial Humanities, GIS and the Humanities, Geography and Humanities, and other conference names continuing to grow we have put together a Special Interest Group meeting at the ESRI International User Conference to bring together those who are interested in how the humanities can take advantage of spatial concepts. We are going to turn to stage over for a few minutes to Dr. Trevor Harris of WVU, one of the editors of the new Spatial Humanities book, who will give an overview of the concept. This will be followed by a general conversation/group share about how others are approaching the idea. Details are:

  • Tuesday (7/13) at 5:30PM
  • Room 30D of the SDCC
  • Hope to see you there!

    avsp 5th Anniversary Live Show

    We have finalized our line-up and plans for next week’s live show at the ESRI International User Conference. The show is in the book for 5:30PM on Wednesday (7/14) in room 30E of the San Diego Convention Center. There will be door prizes for those at the show including an iPod or 2 and gift certificates to Amazon, ThinkGeek and possibly a local eatery. We will also be announcing the winner of our 5th Anniversary Contest for a game console, though we won’t have that as a door prize. Schedules permitting we will have the following guests:

  • Stephanie Ayanian of the Geospatial Revolution Project
  • Don Murray and Dale Lutz of Safe Software, and
  • Elvin Slavik of Maptel and the ArcPad team
  • If we have enough WiFi bandwidth/signal we will stream the liveshow at uStream for those who can’t make it to San Diego, but we will definitely have the audio up for Episode 261 on July 19.

    We hope to see you at the #ESRIUC!

    Month to go to the ESRI EdUC

    We are only a month out from the 2010 ESRI EdUC in San Diego. Some the highlights from the weekend include the Opening Plenary on Saturday morning and the Welcome Social on Saturday afternoon in EXPO area. On Monday after the marathon plenary don’t forget to check out the Map Gallery, Lightning Talks, and Academic GIS Fair.

    Since you are going to be at the Map Gallery and Lightning Talks anyway…you should probably think about submitting your own work! Map Gallery submissions are due by June 14 and Lightning Talks are due by June 15. Sharing your work is a great way to get feedback on your ideas and make contacts while you are at the conference.

    If you happen to be staying for the International UC you should be sure to come by our live show on Wednesday afternoon 😉

    Spatial Humanities SIG at the ESRIUC

    Since the AAG/UVA sponsored Geography and the Humanities session back in 2007 there has been an ever growing conversation about the use of spatial technologies in the humanities. UVA’s Scholars’ Lab Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship which has taken place over the last few months, including a round earlier this week, is an example of an open event that focuses on these discussions. There have been a few other small group workshops over the last year or so as well, that are yielding papers and books like the upcoming Spatial Humanities book.

    With the ESRI International User Conference just around the corner in July, it seems like a good time to try to pull together those folks who will be in San Diego who has an interest in Spatial Humanities. We have a Spatial Humanities special interest group meeting scheduled for Tuesday July 13 at 5:30 in Room 30D of the SDCC. We currently have one of the co-editors of the Spatial Humanities book who is going to talk about what they came up with and talk about in the text. Then there will be lots of time to break up and talk about some specifics. We look forward to seeing all of the folks who are interested in the intersection of GIS and the humanities at the meeting. Keep in mind that if you are sticking around to the end of the EdUC on Tuesday you should come by.

    AVSP Live! 5th Anniversary edition

    With the ESRI International User Conference agenda available some folks may be picking through sessions and planning out their very busy week in July. We just wanted to take a moment to suggest that you put our 5th anniversary live show on your calendar for the week. We will be meeting in Room 30E of the SDCC on Wednesday, 14 July at 5:30 PM to discuss the UC, geospatial data, and the continuing changes in the mobile world. We plan to have some great guests for the live show, but we are still too far out to have final thumbs confirmation from our guests…so you just have to wait to find out who we will have on the mic with us. It really has been handy for ESRI to shift the UC to match our anniversary the last couple of years.

    We will also have door prizes this year and will be announcing the winner of our 5th anniversary contest during the live show (more details on the contest this weekend)…AND we will have some sort of edibles there that will at least match last years cupcakes.

    We hope to see you there!

    PlaceCamp and call for organizers

    I would like to announce a plan, or at least the idea of a plan, for the upcoming ESRI International User Conference and beyond…PlaceCamp. PlaceCamp is intended to be a way to get people talking about how we can use geospatial data and technologies and Geography concepts in the humanities in an unconference-y environment. There have been a few articles, books, and conferences that touch on the topic, but they often stop short of the putting heads together stage of bringing people and ideas together and moving them forward. Since Sue and I are coauthors with our advisor on a chapter in the upcoming Spatial Humanities text, I thought it was time to get into the trenches with some of the ideas that kicked off the workshop which led to the book (and the series that will build from it).

    PlaceCampMini (aka the Spatial Humanities SIG at the ESRIUC) will be Tuesday 13 July from 5:30 to 7:00 at the San Diego Convention Center and will vary in format depending on the interest and attendance. Since most barCamp events happen over a day or two, I since this initial foray as a planning session where people can meet, share ideas, and kick off collaborations. If we get a small group in attendance then we will go panel style, if we have 20 or more then we will do the ‘break into topical groups’ approach. Before we make too many plans however, I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested in being part of an organizing committee for PlaceCampMini. If you are interested please contact me at jesse at veryspatial dot com.

    Beyond San Diego, there are also the initial plans for a PlaceCamp on the east coast in the coming months that will be a full day (or two) affair, so let me know if you are interested in sharing the organizing load, have an ideal location (currently thinking Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington or Myrtle Beach for my own convenience), or would like to be a PlaceCamp sponsor.

    Just a heads-up, if the idea of PlaceCamp is grabbing your attention you may want to check out THATcamp as well.

    New GIScience track at the 2010 ESRI User Conference

    The Call for Papers has gone out for the new GIScience Research track at the 2010 ESRI International User Conference. “Papers in this special track must focus on cutting-edge research in GIScience. Full papers will be included in a special issue of Transactions in GIS to be distributed at the 2010 Conference. Abstracts (500 words) must be submitted to Dr. John Wilson, University of Southern California, by 15th December, 2009.”

    Once the abstracts are in, 9 papers will be selected, and the authors will be notified by December 22nd. If your abstract is selected, a full paper (upt to 6000 words) will be due in February 2010. There’s a lot of good research in GIScience out there, and this would be a good opportunity for getting an academic publication out of the work you’re presenting at the UC.