Jesse comments on “Aspiring Academics” – Part 2

In Part 1 of my comments on Aspiring Academics: A Resource Book for Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty from the AAG I focused on online resources to build on the concepts offered in the text. With Part 2, which covers chapters 6-10 on developing and enhancing teaching and advising skills I will just be offering up my personal comments. To go beyond what this section of the book has to offer you have to get into the education literature yourself.

Chapter 6 – Designing Significant Learning Experiences
-If you haven’t figured it out already, this is the key question for me and hopefully anyone teaching whether at a community college, teaching university or Research I institution. There is a simple suggestion that I can make to go along with this chapter…take teaching/education classes. Much as we have theory and methodologies to support our research in our domain area, educators have an existing literature on the ways in which to convey ideas, reinforce critical thinking, and even how to get students in the classroom on sunny days in Spring. I have taken three courses on using technology in the classroom and plan to continue to take classes now that my dissertation is coming to an end, not because it is required, but because there is so much more to know about being an effective instructor.
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Jesse comments on “Aspiring Academics” – Part 1

The recent AAG text Aspiring Academics: A Resource Book for Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty edited by Solem, Foote and Monk (2009) offers a great deal of information in just a few pages (212 pages). Clearly as a book aimed at academics it references other academic materials on the various topics. As I read through the text on the flight back from Las Vegas I thought of several online and ‘real world’ examples and resources that might be useful to readers. This post covers section 1 of the book, chapters 1-5.

Chapter 1 Time Management
-GTD is the acronym for the philosophy that spread through tech and business sectors. David Allen’s ‘getting things done’ is an effective way to plan your activities and projects. No one does GTD more amusingly than merlin Mann of 43 folders.

Chapter 2 Career Planning
-This is a significant area of importance and due to the restrictions of the text’s topic looks at only the academic issues. But with the market as it is and the reality of changing interests through the grad school we have to look at jobs in government and the private sector as well. There several jobs that ate outside of academia that allow for research, teaching and service just like that plumb tenure track job that you could have gone after.
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Digital Urban on Jesse’s AAG session

Digital Urban has an overview of a few of the sessions from last week’s Association of American Geographers conference in Las Vegas. One of the sessions was the Virtual Learning Environments session that I presented in. While I will be posting my presentation later in the week you can get a great overview of the four papers (Mike DeMers, Merrill Johnson, me, and Nick Hedley) along with some of Andy’s thoughts on the papers. I think that next year we will try to organize a multisession group that will look at 3D viz at different levels (edu, viz, analysis) so be sure to check back in the fall if you would like to take part in such a session at the AAG next year.

Digital Urban: Thoughts, Reports and Rambles from the AAG: Virtual Learning Environments and Geographic Education.

My AAG story via Whrrl

I am giving the new Whrrl 2.0 a spin this week. I am building a story around my time in Vegas and you can view it or add to it via the Whirl website. You can join the event by commenting and posting photos if you have a (free) Whrrl account (can also use your facebook account) or you can just check up on what is going on at the Whrrl page for my story. Oh, and if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch you can grab the Whrrl app for free from the iTunes App store.