The Green Effect – A Chance to Win $20,000 for Your Green Project

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Just got my latest MyWonderfulWorld e-newsletter, and National Geographic and SunChips are announcing a new initiative called the Green Effect, which will award $20,000 each to 5 individuals or groups to implement their community green project. The contest opens on April 22nd and runs until June 8th. You’ll be able submit your green idea to […]

YouTube and Library of Congress team up to put early movies online

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Although not strictly geography-related, I really wanted to post about the US Library of Congress utilizing YouTube to make digital versions of some of the earliest motion pictures ever recorded available online. The LOC’s collections are amazing historical treasures, and cover a wide variety of topics. You can find out more about the Library of […]

Webkinz and Maps

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I played Webkinz all weekend with my nephew. It’s a cute stuffed toy with a code to enter a virtual environment with tons of interactive games. Many schools use Webkinz as an educational tool or as a reward for good behavior. Gantz, the makers of Webkinz list the reasons why virtual world is educational but […]

Earth Balloon – Geography ed that’s not just full of hot air

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For all you K-12 teachers out there, and anyone who’s interested in a cool Geography educational tool, check out Earth Balloon. It’s a 20-foot high, hand-painted inflatable globe that can be used in conjunction with Geography lessons on a wide range of topics. Whereabouts, Inc., a company that specializes in Geography educational tools and programs, […]