GeoToys, for the girls and boys

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I came across GeoToys (at through a Google ad (yeah, sometimes I actually look at them). They seem to focus on map based puzzles for kids, but they also carry a few other games and toys…in fact Postcards from America piqued my interest. And who wouldn’t want to hug the planet. Overall, an interesting […]

ESRI Summer Internship Program 2007

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One of the most common questions we get asked by students is “How do I get more hands-on experience with GIS before I graduate?” In our GIScience Research Lab, we can only offer jobs or internships to a couple of students a semester, and there is always more demand than supply. That’s why summer internships […]

GITA’s Location for Education – a great program for teachers

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I was glancing through my issue of GITA’s Conference News that came today and I noticed a little writeup about the expansion of GITA’s “Location for Education” program, which allows middle and high school teachers to include GPS and location based exercises in their classes. Kits are available for 2-week periods, and include 12 GPS […]

Zoom Into Maps- nice Library of Congress educational site

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Zoom Into Maps is a nice educational tool for an introduction to historic maps and the Library of Congress’ digital map collections. There are digital images of maps on various themes, including exploration, migration, local places, and, since it’s getting close to election time, I especially enjoyed looking at the original broad-side from 1812 popularizing […]

Smithsonian offering Advanced Course on Conservation GIS

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For those of you interested in using GIS and remote sensing in conservation-related activities, the Smithsonian National Zoological Park’s Conservation and Research Center is offering a week-long advanced GIS and remote sensing course from Sept. 11-15th at their facility in Virginia. They still have some slots left, and this would be a really good chance […]