ESRI GIS Education Community

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While we weren’t there for the announcement today, we have had a few minutes to leaf through the announced ESRI GIS Education Community site that: is a living environment for the exchange of ideas and experiences, curriculum, software, and data among GIS educators around the globe Most of the content has existed in different places […]

The future of GIS technology

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Inspired by an old Numb3rs episode on schools and rfid, I started to see what GIS related technologies are being used in schools. According to the BBC, a U.K. based company, Edexcel, has created technology to rfid tag exam papers. U.S. company, aptly named Graffiti Tracker inc. has created technology to track, analyze, and reduce […]

Microsoft announces Virtual Earth and SensorMap grant competition winners

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Microsoft has awarded over $1.1 million in grants to winners in their Virtual Earth and SensorMap grant competitions. The SensorMap project include work on Harvard’s CitySense project, which will utilize a network of 100 sensors aroudn Cambridge, Mass. that record various types of data related to local conditions, such as current weather and traffic levels. […]

Gnooks and Maps

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More of a book mind map like you did in grade school, “Gnooks is a self-adapting community system based on the gnod engine. Discover new writers you will like, travel the map. of literature and discuss your favorite books and authors.” You can type in the name of an author and it will tell map […]