Kardi Teknomo’s Tutorials – great intros to statistical and GIS topics

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Our reader Ed found another gem in Kardi Teknomo’s Tutorials Dr. Teknomo is a research fellow at Human Centered Mobility Technologies at Arsenal Research, Austria. He has an amazing research and publication background in GIS, statistical modelling and simulation, and other topics too numerous to mention. To share some of his amazing knowledge, he has […]

Are Americans Anti-Intellectual?

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The New York Times Books section features an interesting discussion about a book entitled, The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby. The thrust of the book is that current American attitudes downplay the importance of education and intellectualism. The interesting part of this is she overwhelmingly uses geographic examples as proof of her thesis. […]

Great Backyard Bird Count

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Are you participating in the The Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend? Led by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, with sponsorship from Wild Birds Unlimited citizen scientists of all ages from around North America count the birds in their community to better understand bird dynamics, population change, weather,… Besides the cute […]

iGETT – training the trainers

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Attention college faculty, you may be interested in the following announcement: The Integrated Geospatial Education Technology and Training (iGETT) project offers two-year college faculty professional development opportunities that will enhance existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs by integrating remote sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS) data in ways that support workforce needs. iGETT focuses on […]