How do you want your geospatial weather data

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The National Weather Service is seeking input on its geospatial data services, and would like you to offer comments here. They recognize that “While most NWS information is geospatial in nature, the NWS does not yet systematically provide that information in GIS-ready formats.” They are looking for input on what types of weather data, geospatial […]

One Geography to rule them all

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GeoConnexion UK (Sept/Oct 2006) has an article on Scotland’s geospatial portal – The Geospatial Project Registry Home Page. While it has been around since 2005, it seems to have had some updates recently (the site says that version 2.0.1 went live in August). The site offers a great way to find out about projects that […]

DHS Mandates Information Sharing

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David over at Surveying, Mapping and GIS points out some wording in the 2007 DHS authorization legislation that will create an Information Fusion Center that will coordinate state, local and tribal level information fusion centers (as I read it). As we near the end of the US federal fiscal year we will continue to see […]

Lost some UC audio

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Well, we lost one interview out of almost 100, and we only lost half of that. The biggest issue with losing it is that it was a GREAT breakdown of the geodatabase(s) at 9.2. If anyone at ESRI would like to answer our questions again about the geodatabase formats, new and old, let us know […]