Measuring Fine Scale Behavior

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University College London’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis has done a lot of great work in understanding spatial behavior, and one of their current projects, CAPABLE (Children’s Activities, Perception and Behaviour in the Local Environment) focuses on children’s activities patterns across space and time, looking at things like patterns of travel between home and school […]

Video of TeleAtlas ride-along

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Episode 16 of InDigital includes a ride along and discussion with TeleAtlas (at 6:48). It goes for about 3 minutes and the little discussion among the hosts afterward is a great example of non-geospatial professional perspectives of data collection and use. I would definitely recommend that everyone take a look. Oh, and apparently TeleAtlas is […]

Wonder How Much of This is Spatial Data?

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Wired Magazine is reporting on a story that the amount of digital data moving around the world today is something on the order of 161 exabytes. Although the exact number (and methodology) might be disputable, it appears the research is in the right ballpark. Just to put that into perspective (using base 10 instead of […]