MapMarketplace – the Cafepress for cartographers

Posted on 1 CommentPosted in Cartography, general, a leading online map seller, has launched a new service called MapMarketplace, a kind of CafePress for cartographers where you can sell your cartographic masterpieces. “MapMarketplace creates an opportunity for small independent cartographers to connect with a broad consumer base,” says Jeff Chappell, Online Director. All you have to do is register through […]

Blue Planet Globe – for the geographer who has everything

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I admit I am an HGTV junkie, especially the show called “I Want That!”. This past weekend’s episode included the Blue Planet Globe, from The Science Source Here is the compelling description from the HGTV website: The Blue Planet Globe is a dramatic rotating, illuminated globe that accurately depicts the seasons as they unfold around […]

Amazon GIS

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I haven’t highlighted a really good GIS project in awhile, so I thought I’d mention the Amazon GIS project, run by the Smithsonian Institution and other collaborators. They have spent years mapping the Amazon’s resources and have a number of Internet map services in conjunction with ESRI, World Wildlife Fund, the USGS, and Conservation International […]

Mapping the World’s Languages

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Dr. Steven Huffman has posted a series of maps of the world’s language families, based on Merritt Ruhlen’s “A Guide to the World’s Languages”, as a project using Global Mapping International’s (GMI) World Language Mapping System (WLMS). This is a commercial product which offers language data in GIS point and polygon format. A selected set […]

Visualizing World Population

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The Hive Group created this cool visualization of population facts for the world’s countries using 2004 CIA Factbook data. In addition to representing countries in a tree structure that can be organized by continent, area, population or density, there are also slider filters that let you zoom up and down the tree structure. Definitely worth […]