Melting ice in the Arctic revealing new coastline geography in Greenland

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The New York Times has another article on the impacts of global warming, this one discusses how the melting of glacial ice is exposing new land area and changing our knowledge of the coastline geography of Greenland. This is illustrated by the example of a recently-identified island, which was thought to be part of a […]

Zoom Into Maps- nice Library of Congress educational site

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Zoom Into Maps is a nice educational tool for an introduction to historic maps and the Library of Congress’ digital map collections. There are digital images of maps on various themes, including exploration, migration, local places, and, since it’s getting close to election time, I especially enjoyed looking at the original broad-side from 1812 popularizing […]

US Population Statistics – Interactive Map

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MSNBC has an interactive map with some stats on US population, including information about individual state population figures, population change, and population density. Along the bottom of the map window, you can also click on links to additional media, and see historical maps of the US boundaries and population figures, where they are available. It’s […]